The World Walker by M W Albeer

Exploring forgotten history and the nature of reality, The World Walker is an adventure of magic and mystery, set during a world-transcending struggle for freedom in a future time of global supremacy.

During a time when the hidden leaders of the world are converging into a global elite oligarchy, a common problem of rebellion is spreading and about to reach a pinnacle. Nobody can see this more clearly than Jen, a Raiceman soldier, desperately wishing to escape a life of combat and explore his roots and Elera, who finds herself drawn into a sacred journey to rediscover the true history of humanity. Jen and Elera soon discover their interwoven parts in a story that has unfolded throughout antiquity. Wise protectors and powerful demons step from the shadows to reveal their part in the history of the universe.

New worlds open, as those craving power and those seeking freedom are brought together in a series of melodic events. A story of hope, courage and freedom, The World Walker explores the physical, dream and spirit realms of existence.

A blend of fictionalized ancient history with themes of spiritual awakening and magical adventure. The book also explores the very real control constructs that exist in human society and human-animal relationships.

Enamored with the art of storytelling, M.W. Albeer began writing his first novel at the age of twenty-two. Having experienced both the power-driven realms of corporate elitism and the gentle path of equality with nature, he has striven to vividly depict his experiences through his writing.

Published by RoundFire Books of John Hunt Publishing

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