About M W

Enamoured with the art of storytelling, M W began writing his first novel at the age of twenty-two. Ancient history & mythology researcher, horse enthusiast, software architect, musician, lecturer and avid traveller, M W has experienced many different facets of the world in which we live.

His first novel, The World Walker, is a fictional montage of the magic and wonder that exist in the universe. M W spent eight years writing and editing the novel, researching many cultures, historical theories and creation myths as part of the background context.

Driven by an ambition to help people realise their potential, M W begin writing a futuristic account of the convergence in awareness in the world at large, channelled into the story of a group of people who explore the earth in a quest for the truth. Having experienced both the power-driven realms of corporate elitism and the gentle path of equality with nature, M W has striven to vividly depict his experiences in a fantastical way in the novel. Underpinning the plot is a reflection of the complex relationships that M W has experienced with humans and the unearthly realms during his lifetime. The political setting also reflects his own continued familiarity with war and conflict, his father hailing from a land torn by such destruction since the day M W was born.

M W currently lives in Kent, England with his wife and their two horses.